Divine Plan Healing

A Pathway of Support while you change your life.

We all have fears, negative ideas and beliefs that can hold us back in life. We hold these limiting beliefs deep in our consciousness. They can act like invisible barriers that stop us achieving our life goals and dreams. 

Divine Plan Healing works directly at the level of consciousness to clear these limiting beliefs. It uses a powerful healing light and is different to other energy therapies.

It is a powerful six-week healing process!  A healing session starts the process and the Divine Love Essence extends the healing. It clears residual ‘stuff’ that comes up into your energy field.

Divine Plan Healing helps to release the fears that block you and then you can make changes in your life.  

A lot of change happens because people get really frustrated or angry and suddenly snap and explode or walk away. It can be a bit volatile. There’s an easier way. Divine Plan Healing supports the changes you make. 

Release the fears that block your life. If the fear is gone, you can move on with your life

         Divine Plan Healing is a pathway to change.