The Divine Plan Healing System

 The Divine Plan Healing  System  came through in 2013 offering a new way of healing for 21st century needs. It is different to other healing modalities.

It uses the Emerald Heart Light which is a pure form of light coming from Source. The light flows through the healer to the client.

It is not a ‘hands on’ healing system. The healer is witness to the healing which is done by the light as it flows through them to the client.

It works on many levels. It is a Healing System for Women who want to release limitations felt by many women who may have negative ideas about their self-worth and feel held back by outdated habits and beliefs.

It is a Healing System for Men who  feel the pressure of modern day life where they might have to conform to a role that is not totally comfortable.

Divine Love Essence:  You have the option to use the Divine Love Essence which contains the same healing light pattern as you receive during a healing session. Healing can continue for another 4-6 weeks breaking down the residual blocks in your life.

Many people want an instant cure for their problems. But if they haven’t become conscious of the old patterns of behaviour that caused their problems and started to change them, they just fall back into old habits. They end up back in the same space without being healed at all – because they never left it to start with!

Divine Plan Healing helps you to recognise what is happening within you. It shines light on the truth of your life and gives you insight into your habits and beliefs. It breaks down patterns of consciousness so you begin to understand how you came to this point in your life journey and helps you to move on.