The Divine Plan

There is a Divine Plan

The universe is constantly evolving and we are all part of this evolution. We are meant to BE HAPPY living a fulfilled life, sending out our best potential. It’s that simple! If not, evolution is held back for everyone. 

We are born with qualities that only we can bring into the world. It might be your destiny to explore, invent, be a public person, live quietly, be eccentric, open up new ideas, be a parent or not. It doesn’t matter. The value is that we are fulfilled in what we do. The unique quality we bring affects everyone around us. When we are held back by fear, we are like flowers that never grow or bloom properly and other people in our life never benefit from what we could give.  We all lose. That’s why it’s so important we develop our own life potential. The universe needs us to be willing to accept nurturing, heal ourselves and stand in our power and unfold the next stage of our evolution. A garden won’t look great if half the flowers are afraid to grow tall and bloom. People are the same. Fear stops our growth and our voice to create positive change. 

Mary Magdalene’s Light sent the Divine Plan Healing System to help us: Mary Magdalene’s light is gentle, helping us to heal ourselves and accept self-love and self-nurturing on a deep level. It opens our heart and brings us into alignment with our soul’s path, our Divine Plan. It allows us to grow. In particular it is a healing system for women’s growth. 

In the 21st century, we live in a time where women’s consciousness is being awakened really moving away from restriction. There is also a balancing of feminine aspects within men. This balancing is urgently needed as the world is more than a bit crazy. Many people, especially women, have not been able to live their lives the way they wanted and all that potential is lost to the world. 

For too long. women have been held back by invisible barriers and a sense of extra limitation placed on them in the world. There is the frustration of centuries of suppression, control and being seen as less important in a male-energy dominated world. 

Many mothers were not able to give what was needed because they themselves never received help, encouragement and feedback from their mother. This was mainly because  in the ancestral line, mothers were not allowed to grow and rise to power in society. They survived as best they could and taught us the same skills of how to survive. That’s no longer enough. Now we need to thrive.

This was tolerated for a long time but now it has to free itself as the damage is too great and the 21st century energies are really pushing for change. Combined with the Emerald Heart Light, a pathway for healing and growth has been sent to help us.

Do you have difficulty with any of these issues in your life? If you recognise them, they are asking to be released.


  • Do you find it difficult to say no to others?
  • Are you overworked or burnt-out?
  • Do you find it difficult to set boundaries?


  • Do you feel you are not good enough?
  • Do you keep yourself smaller than you are?
  • Are you afraid to use your voice?
  • Do you feel ashamed of showing  your true potential?

 Body Image

  • Are you uncertain about your physical body, your appearance?
  • Is sexuality a difficult subject for you?
  • Have you experienced sexual harassment or worse?


  • How is your relationship with your mother?
  • Do you lack confidence?

 Does an invisible voice echo these thoughts in your body?

  • I’m not good enough
  • I have to struggle with everything
  • I’m not safe
  • I’m not a good person
  • I’m worthless

If you recognise any of these, then Divine Plan Healing can help.

Open your heart to your true potential

Divine Plan healing opens your heart at a very deep level to reveal the truth of who you really are. With every healing  you receive, this gentle but powerful Light connects you ever deeper with your heart. The more connected you become with yourself and the truth in your heart, the more you will be able to follow your true potential.