My Life Journey

I have had a life long interest in energy healing and I have trained in a number of therapies such as Integrated Energy Therapy, Bio-Energy and working with crystals. Each one was a stepping stone of self-development and learning how to work with energy and with the needs of clients. I had known about The Emerald Heart Light for a number of years and I felt the integrity of the teachings. I was immediately drawn to the Divine Plan Healing System when it came in. I ‘knew’ it was my next stage of development.  It has finally helped to clear blocks in my life that stopped me from moving on and has given me confidence and courage to progress with energy healing work. All of this happened in a subtle way over a period of about a year.

Learning to become a teacher of Divine Plan Healing was a logical next step as I know the enormous benefits not just to clients but to the healer on their own spiritual path. At all times the light behind the Divine Plan has your back!

When I look back and consider the changes, Divine Plan Healing has been the major influence in all of this. It continues to help me in my life and I am delighted to be able to offer this healing system to people in Ireland both as a healer and a trainer. Mary Gallagher