A Healing Session

What happens during a Divine Plan Healing?

  1. Arrival: I give a brief description of what will happen during the healing session. You will be asked to fill in a client form or do so in advance by email. 
  2. Then we discuss your healing target which you write down and keep as a record of what issue you wanted to work on.
  1. The Healing: You lie down, fully clothed on a therapy bed and the healing can begin.
  2. After a short time, you will be covered by a blanket. It is important as it represents surrounding yourself with unconditional divine love to support your healing.
  3. At certain points I will ask you to repeat some mantras.
  4. You simply relax and you might fall into a state of deep relaxation.
  5. It is not necessary for the healer to touch the body’s energy points at any time. I will move around the room as needed but you might not even be aware of this.
  6. Near the end of the session, I will ask you to come back into awareness and offer some essence drops in water. This is optional and will be discussed in advance.
  7. The session takes about one hour.
  1. Afterwards: You may need some time to sit and become grounded again.
  1. You’re asked to keep a simple journal to record changes that you notice over the next few weeks and you are given instruction on how to take your essence and follow-up contacts.
  2. You are asked to email some feedback the following day about how you are feeling. This is just to offer some support if needed.
  3. You will have a follow up consultation by phone arranged after about 4 weeks. This is important as it helps to see your progress with your target healing.