For Women

Modern Day Healing for Women

Why is this needed? 

Empowers, gives confidence,  find your voice, clears blocks in your life

The world is stuck: women have been suppressed and held back for so long that everyone suffers the effects. Right now in our 21st century life, the energies are pushing for change. The old energy of suppression is like stale air that is suffocating everyone.  We have to break free. Old assumptions about the role of women are really being examined and challenged. Serious and shocking issues about the treatment of women are being revealed and discussed in the media. In the past, these things would have been suppressed but times have changed and women are no longer silent.

Women today want to live full lives. They need to live their lives as completely as possible to live their full potential. They aren’t content being held back by old attitudes imposed by centuries of tradition.  Divine Plan Healing helps to empower women to see where these blocks are held and move past them. It draws forth the strong life force within us.

After centuries of limitation, there is a real need for re-balancing of women’s energy in the world. In many ancestral lines, women were seen as less important, less powerful and grew up absorbing and accepting the same attitudes without realising how much it blocked their development.

Women often shrink themselves into roles and positions that don’t even have healthy views of their own self-worth, sexuality or their own needs.  They struggle with feelings of guilt for placing a value on their own needs. They feel they have no right to express their views and are unworthy of equal treatment.

Even worse, many women have unconsciously accepted these ideas about themselves and passed them down to their children. This is the legacy inherited by many women.

In essence, about 50% of the people on the planet might not be living up to their true potential! And all because of old patterns of consciousness that we did not even realise we held.

Women can live as shadows of themselves wanting to be much more but they are afraid and don’t know how to break free. They know on some level that they have so much more to offer but don’t know how to access it. This creates suppressed frustration. It can explode outwardly in anger or drag people down inwardly into anxiety, unhappiness or illness. 

How can we ever be our best when we don’t really believe in ourselves and keeping up a front is a constant strain and effort? Redefining the role of women is our task in the 21st century. Young or old, girls and  women should feel confident, secure and fulfilled. 

This is where Divine Plan Healing really helps and is needed today. It opens up our awareness of limiting attitudes and helps us to become stronger women, more confident, more sure and real people – Real Women!

It is a pathway of support while you make the change.  

 Divine Plan Healing helps to establish:

  • Boundaries
  • Confidence
  • Positive views of your body and sexuality
  • Healthy relationships with others in your life
  • Gives support so you feel empowered to take action and deal with ‘stuff’
  • Helps you make the changes that you need to make in a positive way 

It also works on:

  • Physical issues – helping to release the limiting energy around them
  • Release anxiety and stress or ‘historical’ fears
  • Concerns in your life – helps to give clarity
  • Spiritual development