For Men

Modern Day Healing for Men

 Why is it needed? 

Modern day life can place men in roles that are uncomfortable, outdated, restrictive and where expectations are too high. Masculine energy has a narrow definition.

We need to restore the natural balance of male strength, confidence and drive which is so positive and much needed in today’s world.

The world today seems to be full of pressure and demands and fast-paced living and you either keep up on those terms or you fall away. It can be ruthless at times!

A man’s role can be challenging. They are often expected to be dominant, the leader, the achiever or even ‘aggressive’ in order to succeed in life. This can be at odds with how they really feel when a more equal and easier way of living would feel better. Like women, men have grown up with expectations about how they should behave and this can box them in, limiting how they express their true feelings or cope with life.

This can lead to suppressed frustration or anger that is damaging. Stress, depression and feelings of doubt or being worthless can set in. Coping becomes a strategy for daily survival instead of a natural part of life. 

Some men end up leading a hollow existence. On the surface their life seems fine but they are not secure, certain of themselves or fulfilled in life. Ultimately this leads to unease and unhappiness and may lead to a crisis if changes are not made. 

Sometimes all you want is to do something different in your life.

Divine Plan Healing gives a pathway of support while you make changes in your life in a healthy way. It empowers men.  It supports and gives more confidence as people, as Men – not just following a masculine role.

It can work on any level: physical, mental, emotional or spiritual.

Because it uses a healing ‘light’, you can ‘see’more clearly what needs to be done and you also get the push to take action. It is for people who feel the need to change and are willing to take control and set this in motion. 

Divine Plan Healing is not a substitute for medical attention and you should consult your doctor if you have serious concerns about a health issue.