How Does It Benefit Me ?

How does it help?

  • Six-week healing process! 
  • Clears residual ‘stuff’ that comes into your energy field
  • Pathway of support while you you make changes in your life
  • Take control of your own healing process
  • Works directly on deep level of consciousness where you hold limiting beliefs that block you from changing your life.
  • Dissolves feelings of anxiety, fear, lack of self-belief, weariness with living.
  • If  you are searching for something and feel the universe is nudging you to free yourself?
  • If you want to do something different in your life but don’t know how? It shines a light onto what is happening in your life and you see how to move forward AND have a pathway of support while you do so. 
  • Helps you reach your potential in life.
  • Spiritual growth

Divine Plan Healing can help with any area. You are asked to think about and set a specific Healing Target around any issue eg:

  • Limiting beliefs
  • Life purpose
  • Spiritual awareness
  • Illness or physical ailments
  • Release the energy of difficult emotions 
  • Your highest good at that time
  • Difficult time/ trauma in your life

Please note that Divine Plan Healing is not a substitute for medical attention and you should consult your doctor if you have serious concerns about a health issue.

We are like seeds in the earth. At a certain time, the impulse for growth or change  happens and we have to expand ourselves one way or another.  There is no other way to fully express our potential even if it means breaking ourselves open and struggling to reach the light.

People can lead ordinary lives for years and then suddenly reach a point of questioning the meaning in life. What’s the point of it all? This might be because of illness or some problem that stops them in their tracks or just general dissatisfaction or frustration.

You might have a lingering idea that you are not really living the way you want to. You are not sure what it is but there is a feeling that there is more to life and to you.  It can be the universe’s way of turning you in the right direction even though you don’t realise it or want it at the time.

Our soul seeks expansion and knows when the time is right – it pushes us to carry out the soul purpose we carried into this lifetime. This why it is called Divine Plan. We have more to give if we know how to bring it into our life. Sometimes, this means that instead of changing the old, we create something new. You hear of people suddenly leaving behind a job or life habit or even a relationship. It no longer fits who they are and they can’t tolerate it any more. They release physical, emotional, mental situations and feel better for it. 

Change is easier when you use Divine Plan Healing.

Divine Plan Healing supports all of this change. It gives focus and insight into your own life, from a higher level. You begin to understand what you are capable of on a personal level, not as a skill set needed in a job or a certificate. It helps you to access YOU.

You can deal with challenges, develop your inner-self or find your life purpose. You might want to release a physical issue or revisit an event that affected you in the past. In my experience, in so many ways, Divine Plan Healing gets behind you, giving momentum and even  ‘push’ to deal with situations and forge ahead.