How Does It Work ?

Divine Plan Healing uses the Emerald Heart Light,  a pure healing light vibration coming from Source. It was brought in to earth by David Ashworth who over twenty five years has learned how to allow this light to flow and to understand its purpose and focus. It is a powerful healing light. For this reason, it is different to other energy therapies.

Sometimes we need a stronger light bulb in a room. More light lets us see everything more clearly. This is a spiritual light shining into our consciousness. It like putting our problems under a microscope to enlarge and clarify what is in there so we understand it better.

Sometimes, our problem is not just finding the answer. It is facing the answer 

When this light shines into our consciousness, we ‘know’ better what to do to change things. It is simple, honest and powerful in showing the truth about our situation. We ‘see’ how we need to clean up some areas of our life and we will be better for it. We are not waiting to be fixed. We participate in the process because we understand it. It does not shock us into awareness but helps us to have aha moments. This is important as otherwise we will slip back into old habits and healing will be slowed or stopped.

The Light does the healing following the intention of the person and their greatest good.

The Divine Plan Healing System was given to support 21st century energies. It is a Fifth Dimensional healing working within a healing space of unconditional love unlike the fear based 3D energy space we live in. It has its own consciousness and is capable of great depth. The focus is strong and clear. 

The healer is not drawing in energy. The healing light flows to the client and heals what is needed. The more the client allows this to happen and accepts the light, the more healing can be received.

It shows you the truth about your life, attitudes and limitations. Once you know the truth, what more is there to know? 

Divine Love Essence

A healing session starts the healing process. You are offered the option of taking the Divine Love Essence (3 drops, 3 times a day in water),  following a healing session.  The essence contains the same healing vibration and by taking it you extend the healing session into a six-week  process which continues to clear residual ‘stuff’ that comes up. You allow your healing to continue. You have a follow up consultation by phone after 4 weeks. This is important in assessing the changes that occur. You take control of your own healing process.