Receive a Healing

Divine Plan Healing in person

 To receive a healing in person, please email or phone for an appointment – 087 7813844 The healing session takes about one hour. Allow an hour and a half to give time to arrive and to ground yourself again afterwards. You might need to ask someone to act as a driver and don’t plan any heavy activities afterwards.

Distant Healing

You can receive distant healing in the comfort of your own home. You don’t need to travel, you save time and money and might feel more relaxed. It is the same process as a one to one healing but done from a distance. Distant Healing can be sent to an individual, to a group or for any event. It also works well for animals.

With a Group Healing, the healing is done with the group but the healing is individual to the person so each person can set their own healing target. Divine Plan Healing can also be done as a Distant Group Healing.

Event Healing can support any situation eg. an interview, meeting, wedding, business event, exam, a funeral or to support person who is passing over. No essence is required for this.

To book a Distant Healing

Send an e-mail requesting a distant healing. I will confirm the request and that you want to take the Divine Love Essence. Please pay in advance by PayPal.

The Divine Love Essence is sent to you and you send a confirmation email as soon as you receive it. I will confirm an appointment time and send instructions about how to prepare for your healing. You will be asked to fill out a client form sent and returned by email.

At the appointment time, you phone for a short discussion about your healing target. You also plan the date for a follow-up phone call, one month later, to discuss the results. You then lie down on a couch or bed covered by a blanket. The healing is sent to you. You may fall into a deep, relaxed state like sleep or you may be aware of what is happening. The healing will happen whether you are aware of it or not. As soon as you wake up or feel the healing is over, you drink a glass of water with 3 drops of Divine Love Essence in it. Four weeks later you call for a short talk. This is just to see how you are doing.

The cost

A Divine Plan Healing session exchange is  €110. This includes the healing session, the Divine Love Essence – value €27 and also a follow-up consultation one month later. This can be done by phone or Zoom.