Divine Plan Healing

A Pathway of Support while you change your life.

We all have fears and beliefs that hold us back in life. These limiting beliefs hide deep in our consciousness, a negative voice running behind the scenes making us feel not quite good enough, capable enough, worth enough so it’s safer to stay as you are rather than try to change things. They could be there for years acting like invisible barriers to stop us achieving our life goals and dreams. You hear people talk about things they would ‘love’ to do BUT !! Fear stops them, fear of lack of money, no approval, no self-confidence etc. They can run our life and stop our potential. 

Divine Plan Healing works directly at the level of consciousness to clear these limiting beliefs. It is different to other energy therapies as it uses a spiritual healing light. It works at a 5th dimensional level and empowers people to make changes in their life. In our 3rd dimensional world we are surrounded by fear, doubt, emotional response etc and healing is  obstructed by this. The 5th dimension is unconditional love where the heart is opened and able to receive healing.  

It is a powerful six-week healing process!  A healing session starts the process, followed by using the Divine Love Essence to extend the healing. It continues to clear residual ‘stuff’ that comes up into your energy field. You are helped to take control of your own healing process. 

Divine Plan Healing helps to release the fears that block your growth and then you can make changes in your life. It allows you to accurately ‘see’ the patterns behind an issue causing problems. Once you see it, you won’t tolerate it anymore and you can release the pattern. It’s like lifting the lid on a pot to see what is inside. If it’s messy, you might not want to look but it’s better if it’s cleared out so you are asked to steady yourself and allow this to happen. 

A lot of change happens because people get really frustrated or angry and suddenly snap and explode or walk away. It can be a bit volatile. There’s an easier way. Divine Plan Healing offers you support while you change your life. If you really want to grow as a person and make changes in your life, then you know at some level that you need to shed aspects of your life, fears, situations maybe people. You have support as you do this. 

If you are drawn to Divine Plan Healing, then it is time to act on your inner knowing. 

Release the fears that block your life. If the fear is gone, you can move on with your life

No point waiting for your next reincarnation to live the life you want today. 

         Divine Plan Healing is a pathway to change.