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Mary Gallagher - Divine Plan Teacher
  • Advanced Divine Plan Healer
  • Teacher of Divine Plan Healing
  • Host of The Mary Magdalene Light Circle

I’ve always had a natural curiosity about all things spiritual, in a general sense. This led me finally to the Divine Plan Healing System in 2017. I found not just a healing system but a means to expand myself spirituality, to allow ongoing development at my own pace. 

I trained to become an Advanced Divine Plan Healer, Teacher of Divine Plan Healing and also a Host of The Mary Magdalene Light Circle.

My original training in Integrated Energy Therapy, Oisin Bio Energy and Crystal therapy were useful stepping stones for all of this.

I was very drawn to Divine Plan Healing because it is a complete system. It has enormous potential to clear blocks in your life, move you past resisting change and actually have forward momentum. It heals on many levels.

Learning to become a Teacher of Divine Plan Healing was a logical next step as I’ve experienced the benefits first hand and wanted to share that with others. You stop putting up with what’s not working in your life and learn a process for creating change with confidence. I am a testimony to this as I found courage to leave my job and go in a whole new direction without the fear that usually stops people. 

My life has changed and Divine Plan Healing has been the main driver in all of this. It is a subtle process. New insights and spiritual gifts arrive all the time. It is a practical tool to support, guide and help me in my life and it has a natural forward focus. I am delighted to be able to offer this healing system to people in Ireland both as a Divine Plan Healer and Divine Plan Teacher.

Divine Plan Healing can transform your life. I invite you to experience it for yourself.

Mary Gallagher

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