Let the Light in

Set specific Healing Targets for any area: physical, emotional, mental, spiritual.

It’s better to reach out and ask for help. Otherwise the problem remains in a stuck space.

  • Dissolve feelings of anxiety, fear, weariness with living
  • Gain confidence and motivation
  • Dissolve limiting beliefs
  • Clear mental blocks
  • Support periods of change/difficulty/trauma
  • Reach life potential/find life purpose
  • Spiritual growth
  • Illness or physical ailments
  • Release energy of difficult emotions
  • Life is not working out, seems held back
  • Issues around sexuality
  • Your highest good at the time

Please note that Divine Plan Healing is not a substitute for medical attention and you should consult your doctor if you have serious concerns about a health issue.

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Healing benefits for women

For Women

Turn Your Light on!

Traditionally, women’s needs have been given less importance, more limitation, and hold back personal growth. These old views need a new perspective.

Stop feeling guilty or selfish for placing a value on your own needs. Stop shrinking into unhealthy views of your self-worth, your sexuality, your voice, your ability to be a force in the world. Stop feeling small or invisible.

Empower your life to bring in confidence, motivation and freedom and stop putting up with a difficult, boring life. Begin to face the facts about what holds you back, dissolve those blocks, find your inner strength and turn your light on.

Divine Plan Healing helps to establish:

  • Boundaries and healthy relationships

  • Confidence and motivation

  • Positive views of your body and sexuality
  • Supports change in a positive way

  • Deal with difficult or traumatic experience

It can also work on:

  • Physical Issues – helping to release the limiting energy around them

  • Release anxiety and stress or ‘historical’ fears

  • Clarity about issues in your life

  • Connect with your authentic self

  • Reach the calling of your soul

  • Spiritual development

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Healing benefits for men

For Men

Does your Life Light you up?

Assumptions about how men present themselves to the world can create uneasy patterns. Are they expected to be dominant, the achiever, aggressive? Do they feel like a failure if they don’t succeed? Are they comfortable in their life?

Don’t accept feelings of stress, depression, doubt or worthlessness as just part of life. Don’t just ‘tick over’ coping with hidden fears and insecurity. Don’t hold back your voice and your impulse to follow the light of your soul. Reach out and ask for help or healing if needed.

Divine Plan Healing helps to establish:

  • Healthy boundaries and self-acceptance
  • Clear definition of self
  • Balanced viewpoint and more happiness with life
  • Positive views of your body and sexuality

  • Overcome the energy of difficult experiences, trauma

It can also work on:

  • Physical Issues – helping to release the limiting energy around them

  • Dissolve stress, doubt and fear

  • Concerns in your life – helps to give clarity

  • Spiritual development

Divine Plan Healing
opens another side to healing reaching a new drive and energy for change.

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