Supports all areas of your life. 

There are times when we wish we had some strong energetic or spiritual support to call on that is clearly focused and directed. Life events can be sudden or subtle and the effect is hard to understand or put into words. An event can seem too big, too confusing or too difficult to cope with. This is where Event Healing really helps. It surrounds and enters the energetic space of the event bringing in high vibration healing light. It helps a difficult situation and enhances a joyous occasion.

Event Healing is sent to support the situation that the person is part of or to an event that is unfolding. There are endless possibilities: interview, meeting, a birth, wedding, divorce, business event, exam, surgery, a family difficulty, moving house, changing job, a funeral or to support a person who is passing over.

It is a full one-hour healing session done from a distance where healing light is sent to support the Event. The light has a high frequency and can ‘see’ what is needed and unfolding.  It works for the highest good, gives clarity and helps us accept with more love and understanding.

I will contact you after booking to discuss the event and arrange a suitable time. You can also book a Free Information Call in advance if you have any questions.