Divine Plan Healer Level 1


Deposit or Full Payment

You will learn about the following:

  • The background to the Divine Plan Healing System and the Emerald Heart Light.
  • The characteristics of Divine Plan Healing and how it differs from other healing modalities.
  • The seven steps in Divine Plan Healing and setting healing targets.
  • The Divine Love Essence
  • Use of the pink heart image
  • You receive a Level 1 attunement to prepare you to do Divine Plan healings and you take three essences to allow this to unfold.
  • You then enter a probationary growth period of about three months where you complete a number of practice healings on yourself, family or friends.
  • You will also need three mentor sessions (on zoom) during this period. (charged at the standard hourly rate)
  • When this is completed you can be certified as a Divine Plan Healer and work with clients, who are present with you on a one to one basis.
  • A 50 + page manual and 3 essences are provided as part of the training.
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A new, easy to learn, healing system using the Emerald Heart Light and the Mary Magdalene vibration of love and wisdom.

It’s not a hands-on therapy so there are no complicated hand movements to remember.

No previous experience is needed.

It’s not linked to any religious belief and does not have a religious focus.

In-person training takes place over one day or over two/three training sessions on Zoom.

You then have a three month growth period (or longer if needed) where you learn to experience working with spiritual healing light, practice healings etc.

You will need three mentor sessions during this time (done on zoom and charged at standard hourly rate)

It is a stand-alone healing system and cannot be mixed with other therapies.


Benefits of Becoming a Divine Plan Healer:

  • Easy to learn, either in person or online
  • Learn how to give self-healing or to family members
  • Become a professional Divine Plan Healer, earn extra income
  • Connection to the light
  • Clear limiting factors in your life
  • Gain insight into your own life issues
  • Aligns with your spiritual path
  • Promotes positive growth in your life
  • Learn a healing system for life
  • Join the Divine Plan Healing community

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Deposit €100, Full Payment €469

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