This is an in-person healing.  You begin with a one-hour healing session where you set a specific, personal Healing Target and initiate the process. You will be guided about how to do this. Over the next few weeks, you take the Divine Love Essence as directed. It contains the same healing vibration that you received during the one-hour healing and continues the healing process for a six week period. You have a follow-up consultation by phone or zoom after one month. Divine Plan Healing is not a hands-on therapy. You lie or sit fully clothed and the therapist works around you to bring in the healing light.

This offer includes:

  • Full one-hour healing session – allow an hour and a half to give time to settle and ground before you leave.
  • The Divine Love Essence (value €25)
  • 15 minute follow-up consultation one month later done by phone or Zoom.

I will contact you after booking to set a Healing Target and arrange a suitable time.