Experience a six-week healing process of transformation. Release anxiety, release fears about change in your life, remove blocks to progress, gain confidence, gain clarity and spiritual growth.

An individual, spiritual healing session which offers great depth. It focuses the Light onto your specific healing target, working directly on consciousness giving insight, clarity and healing support.

What is involved?

You begin with a one-hour, in person healing session which opens the target to receive healing light. Over the next four weeks, you take the Divine Love Essence as directed. It contains the same healing light vibration and most important, continues your target healing process, day by day as you take it.  When finished, this light vibration stays in your system for another two weeks. This gives you a six-week healing process. During this time, you are asked to keep a record of changes you have noticed so you can recognise patterns affecting your life, whether physical, mental, emotional or spiritual. The unseen is brought into the light. You have a follow-up consultation by phone or zoom after one month. This helps to join the dots about what has been happening in your life so you can see the next step forward and onwards.

Divine Plan Healing is not a hands-on therapy. You lie or sit fully clothed and the therapist works around you to bring in the healing light.

This offer includes all of the following and is very good value:

  • Help with preparation and setting an individual Healing Target
  • Full one-hour, focused healing session – allow an hour and a half to give time to settle and ground before you leave.
  • A bottle of the Divine Love Essence (value €25.50 and also inc p+p).
  • 20 minute follow-up consultation one month later done by phone or Zoom.
  • Contact by email at any time to answer any questions etc.

I will contact you after booking to help you set a Healing Target and arrange a suitable time.

You can also request a Free Information Call on zoom in advance if you have any questions.