The Divine Plan

The Divine Plan creates harmony in the universe with a natural flow of balance and exchange. We all play a unique part by holding a special vibration. If someone dies, we miss their presence. We grieve the loss of the quality only they could give. An upset child only wants its mother or father for comfort. No-one else will do. We should not underestimate the importance of our unique quality in helping the Divine Plan of life to fit together. 

However, we also need courage to be fully ourselves in the world as we are surrounded by pressure and fear in everyday life. Fear holds us back, stops us from making change and following our real passion which is needed somewhere in the world. We stay stuck in routine. We don’t meet our potential and other people lose the benefit of what we could have given. We hold back opportunity to make progress. That’s why it’s so important we let go of what is not working in our life and take the risk of trying something new so we align to our Divine Plan.

Right now, the Divine Plan is held back because women’s growth has been suppressed for generations. Many women are held by fear and they lack power, status and confidence and will never show their unique quality at all. There is a lot of suffering and frustration because of this. The Mary Magdalene vibration carries many qualities of strength needed to empower women and it is present in the Divine Plan Healing system. It was given to help women to be stronger and take their place in the world so we can all aim higher. 

This stage of the plan needs women’s consciousness to awaken and move out of the shadow of a male-energy dominated world. In our ancestral lines, many mothers and grandmothers etc. received little nurturing or encouragement. They managed as best they could but it left a gap in qualities they were able to pass on. Sometimes women themselves continue traditions that confine them because they can’t see other pathways. This lost potential for nurturing needs healing and adjusting to compensate for the lost energy of women on the planet.

This healing is not just for women. It balances feminine and masculine aspects that are present in all of us. It takes both aspects for a child to be created and male and female energies live together in the world. This balance of dual aspects is part of who we are. It helps to restore sense to the world which has lost sight of the value for people and for life in general. This is out of flow with the Divine Plan.  

Men’s lives can also be realigned. Like a magnetic pull, one side distorts the other and right now, both Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine are held back, the over-weakness of one against the over-dominance of the other. Neither can move forward properly. The world is stuck in this lower energy and the damage is extreme. Natural balance is urgently needed. Divine Plan Healing releases us from old, stale patterns and empowers our ability to live a life of truth and integrity. This healing will help the world to rise in consciousness creating a better future for all. 

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Mary Magdalene – Restoring Feminine Power

Mary Magdalene - Spiritual Healing

The Divine Plan Healing system was ‘given’ by Mary Magdalene in 2013. When we connect with the Mary Magdalene vibration, we experience all the qualities that she carried and enter a space where we can start to hold the same strength.

She’s been given an unfair tag in many historical records and portrayed as a shameful sinner or prostitute where female sexuality was used against her to deny her relevance and respect. The same downgrading has been applied to many women. In fact she’s believed to have been a successful businesswoman, a disciple of Jesus who became an evolved spiritual teacher in her own right. Her status has been airbrushed out of history but her relevance for all women is being recognised again.

As an evolved spiritual being, her vibration carries the 5th dimensional aspects of unconditional love and wisdom and offers us a way to embody her strengths. It is present in the Divine Plan Healing system.

Her vibration contains much of what is missing, repressed and needed for women’s growth today: status, relevance, femininity, positive sexuality, confidence, respect, love, spiritual wisdom. By entering this vibrational space in a healing session, it helps us to access the same qualities in ourselves. It is like spending time with a bouncy, happy friend who affects our mood with their positive vibe. We are uplifted and begin to resonate at the same level reaching our higher potential.

It’s time to remove the shame from the portrayal of her beautiful, loving presence that offers unconditional love and wisdom sent straight to our hearts. She guides all women towards the strength to radiate their own unique confidence, beauty, compassion, power. It helps them to find their place in the world. There is no feeling small, no shame, no guilt, no holding back of any part of themselves. Divine Plan Healing gives a practical, grounded way forward in everyday life.

This teaching comes from Mary Magdalene. If it triggers you in any way, it shows an area where healing is needed.

Mary Magdalene’s Teaching was given in 2016 to Harriet Kroon, Founder of The Divine Plan Healing School 

“Mary Magdalene fully embodied her body.

Mary Magdalene fully embodied her femininity.

Mary Magdalene fully embodied her womb.

Mary Magdalene fully embodied her sensuality.

Mary Magdalene fully embodied her sexuality.

Mary Magdalene was fully connected with Mother Earth.

And this is exactly what she wants to help women with.

She wants to help women to fully embody their body.

She wants to help women to fully embody their femininity.

She wants to help women to fully embody their womb.

She wants to help women to fully embody their sensuality.

She wants to help women to fully embody their sexuality.

She wants to help women to fully connect with Mother Earth.

This is the Universal Divine Plan.

And this is why our Healing System is called the Divine Plan.