The Divine Plan

There’s a natural order in the universe and when we align to it, our life flows easily and we live in abundance. It’s a 5th dimensional flow. If we’re disconnected, we lose direction in a 3D world of pressure and fear. Fear holds us back, blocks our growth and dims our lifeforce. We don’t meet our potential and other people lose the benefit of what we could have given. We never light up and our spark can’t ignite anyone else’s soul. That’s why it’s so important we grow spiritually and develop our own life. We are all connected so if our light shines, we become catalysts for others to align to their Divine Plan.

Mary Magdalene’s vibration sent this healing system to help us connect to our Divine Plan, particularly for women’s growth which has been suppressed for generations. It nurtures us so the feminine aspect can grow into her power and take her place in the world.

This stage of the plan needs women’s consciousness to awaken and move out of the shadow of a male-energy dominated world. In our ancestral lines, many mothers and grandmothers etc. received little nurturing or encouragement. They managed as best they could but it left a gap in qualities they were able to pass on. This lost potential for nurturing needs healing and adjusting so women can step out of the shadow.

Men’s lives are also realigned. Like a magnetic pull, one side distorts the other and right now, both Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine are held back, the over-weakness of one against the over-dominance of the other. Neither can move forward properly. The world is stuck in this lower energy and the damage is extreme. Natural balance is urgently needed. Divine Plan Healing releases us from old, stale patterns and empowers our ability to live a life of truth and integrity. This healing will help the world to rise in consciousness creating a better future for all. 

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Mary Magdalene
Mary Magdalene - Spiritual Healing

When a woman stands fully in her power she radiates strength, beauty, compassion, confidence, sure of her place in the world. There is no feeling small, no shame, no guilt, no holding back of any part of herself.

Divine Plan Healing empowers women to fully embody their femininity. Given by the love and wisdom of Mary Magdalene, it helps us accept ourselves fully and opens our heart to unconditional love.

It’s not linked to any religious belief but draws on our knowledge of religion. The energy of Jesus or Mary offers compassion, unconditional love and miracles.  Mary Magdalene offers us her vibration.

Mary Magdalene was close to Jesus and heard his teachings first hand as one of his disciples. She needed strength to do this. Women, in those times were not seen as equal and were condemned and dismissed if they were strong people. She has been misrepresented and reduced to an inferior status.

In fact, she embodies strength and empowerment as a woman. She was a strong spiritual person in her own right. Her strength and energy lies behind the Divine Plan Healing System. It works for everyone but specifically for women’s needs at this time to help them stand in their power balancing the Divine Feminine and the Divine Masculine aspects. By helping women, we help restore balance in the world which has become crazy with repression, violence and loss of value for people and for life. If her teaching triggers you in any way it shows an area where healing is needed.

Mary Magdalene’s Teaching was given as follows to Harriet Kroon, Heart of the Divine Plan Healing System in 2016

“Mary Magdalene fully embodied her body.

Mary Magdalene fully embodied her femininity.

Mary Magdalene fully embodied her womb.

Mary Magdalene fully embodied her sensuality.

Mary Magdalene fully embodied her sexuality.

Mary Magdalene was fully connected with Mother Earth.

And this is exactly what she wants to help women with.


She wants to help women to fully embody their body.

She wants to help women to fully embody their femininity.

She wants to help women to fully embody their womb.

She wants to help women to fully embody their sensuality.

She wants to help women to fully embody their sexuality.

She wants to help women to fully connect with Mother Earth.

This is the Universal Divine Plan.

And this is why our Healing System is called the Divine Plan.