The Mary Magdalene Light Circle

Next Online Meeting  on zoom is on 9 September 2020  19.30 – 21.30  GMT 

Gather together online to experience The Mary Magdalene Light. Feel the light flow to your heart during this gentle, two-hour session which includes sharing, meditation, receiving the light and individual insights.

The Mary Magdalene Light is a pure, feminine spiritual light. It offers support, nurturing, healing and guidance to help both your personal and spiritual development.

The Mary Magdalene Light Circle is a sacred space where you can open yourself to change in your life. It is encouraging and accepting as each person explores how to take their own steps forward, transforming old experience into a doorway to something new and more fulfilling.

As your host, I am honoured to offer this time and space to bring the Mary Magdalene Light to your heart.

Some benefits:

  • Stronger connection with your own sense of self-worth so you feel your value in the world
  • Allowing more self-love and self-acceptance of who you truly are
  • Linking to feminine qualities, the intuitive, feminine, different way of being in the world
  • Deeper connection with Mother Earth, nature, consciousness
  • Healing and insights gained help you to understand your life, to draw wisdom from your experience, to evolve your consciousness

 What is The Mary Magdalene Light?

  • It is a pure, feminine spiritual light
  • It  comes directly from The Source and is pure consciousness
  • It works on a 5th dimensional level of unconditional love and unity
  • It can ‘see’ all aspects that need healing, the whole person
  • It offers support, nurturing, healing and guidance to help your personal and spiritual development
  • It has a higher frequency than healing energy

After you book, you will receive a zoom link to connect to the circle at the given time